About me

Hey, I’m Anna.

My name is Anna Buldakova, I’m a CEO and co-founder of Vektor AI, a global mentorship platform which helps startup employees to grow in their careers. Previously I was a Product Lead at Facebook where my team worked on AI applications tackling the challenges of workplace collaboration and communication. Starting my career at Yandex Search in Russia, I also had a chance to work at Suitepad, a hardware startup in Berlin, and then join Intercom in Dublin.

I am actively speaking and writing for the recognised industry brands such as TED, Mind The Product, The Wall Street Journal, World Summit AI, TechCrunch Disrupt, etc. I’m also an active mentor for startups and individuals interested or working in IT.

My areas of expertise: AI / b2b products / strategy / team culture

“No Flame No Game” is my pet project where I write about and collect best resources on product management.

If you’d like to book a mentorship session with me, find out more on this page.

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