Product Leaders

The Product Leaders program combines theory and practice to help participants become better people managers. Over the course of 4 weeks participants will learn about leadership fundamentals and will have a chance to practice newly acquired knowledge and skills in group sessions and home assignments. By growing as managers, participants will be able to better support their people, drive change in an organisation and make a difference in the world.


People managers with at least 1 report and 5+ years of experience in tech. They might be:

  • middle-level leaders at large companies;
  • senior-level leaders or founders at growth companies.

This program won’t be relevant to senior-level managers with 5+ years of experience in people management or 100+ reports as we won’t cover such important topics as:

  • supporting managers on your team;
  • finance management.


The program is fully virtual and intense. Expected commitment is 5-7 hours per week.

  • 25 pre-recorded videos which cover the fundamentals of people management. Each video is concise (up to 30 mins) so that you get the maximum value for your time.
  • Extra resource (articles, books, videos) recommendations if you want to deepen your knowledge.
  • 10 checklists and templates that Anna uses in her management practice.
  • 5 live two-hours workshops where you will work on the case study. You will be assigned to a working group with whom you’ll be working on solving the case.
  • Weekly Q&A with Anna to answer any questions on theoretical materials.
  • Weekly quizzes to check your memory 😉

Key topics

  • The role of a manager: skills, responsibilities, definition of success, career growth.
  • Leading people: career development & the art of feedback.
  • Leading teams: career journey lifecycle, processes, conflict resolution.
  • Leading organisations: communication, strategy and culture.

Applications are currently closed but, if want to get notified about the start of the next program, sign up below!