The Product Manager’s Guide to the Strategy

What is similar between Steve Jobs and a person who put three thousand toothpicks in their beard? They wanted to make history. What is different between Steve Jobs and a person who put three thousand toothpicks in their beard? They chose different strategies for achieving it. Over the course of my career I worked with a number of companies and […]

Interview with Director of Product Management at Twitter

After Microsoft and Google, Scott joined Nutmeg as a Chief Product Officer, and now he is a Product Director at Twitter. We discussed if the technical background is required for Product Managers, what is the difference between Google and small startups, and how to create a good vision and strategy. About skills for Product Managers […]

Interview with Head of Growth at Reddit

Vaibhav used to be a Director of Product and then Vice President at Zynga, and now he is the Head of Growth at Reddit. In the interview he shared some insights into growing your career as a PM, balancing short- and long-term bets, and also developing the right skillset to become a product leader. About […]

5 Machine Learning lessons for Product Managers

AI is the biggest commercial opportunity in today’s economy. What does it mean for us as product managers? We all use ML-driven products almost every day, and the number of these products will be growing exponentially over the next couple of years. According to Crunchbase, in 2018 there were 5000 startups relying on machine learning for their […]

Lessons From the Space Race: 3 Steps to Better Product Decisions

What makes a great product decision? The answer to this question is like a Holy Grail of product management: it promises success and prosperity but no clear evidence that it exists. In this post I examine the way I think about the path: what has worked for me and helped me grow as a product […]

Treat your resume like a product: how to write a product manager resume

There is a saying, “The theater begins at the cloakroom”. When you come to the theater, there are a lot of details and nuances that will define your experience well before the performance starts. If the hall is dirty and smelly, the staff are rude, and you have to spend 30 minutes trying to find […]

Onboarding a product manager

Joining a new company is always hard. You know very few people, your email inbox is empty and you are lost in documentation and the new tools you have to explore. Get these first few weeks wrong and you’ll be left without the solid foundation you need to be successful at your company. For product […]