Books for senior PMs/ Product Directors

Junior PMs are building features; mid-level PMs are building products; senior PMs are building organisations. In the “3P” formula – Product, People, Process – they focus on bringing in the right people and establishing the right process so that the right product can be created with their minimal involvement. To sum up, at that stage you want to:

  • put an extra effort in developing your soft skills (leadership, teamwork, communication, emotional intelligence);
  • understand the key principles of creating frameworks and processes that would allow you to scale yourself, and that would last;
  • learn by example from the most successful managers in history.

TED Talks by C.Anderson

A short and practical guide on public speaking by the Head of one of the most popular conferences in the world. The book is based on the experience of TED speakers and links to specific videos that demonstrate one or another technique.

Decisive by C. & D.Heath

Chip and Dan Heath share a collection of research findings and people stories to help us understand the basics of decision making. An insightful book to debug your own process and set up a good one for your org.

Getting to Yes by R.Fisher, W.Ury

A great book by Harvard researchers on the art of negotiation and conflict resolution, it contains a number of strategies to apply in your personal and professional life.

Drive by D.Pink

A deep dive into what motivates people and how you can affect it. Follow up with “The Culture Code”.

Radical candor by K.Scott

A must read for building strong relationships with your employees by former CEO coach at Dropbox and Twitter and executive at Google and Apple. Follow up with “Crucial Conversations”.

Creativity, Inc. by E.Catmull

Ed Catmull, co-founder of Pixar and president of Walt Disney Animation Studios, is sharing a fascinating and honest story of leadership in creative industries. Follow up with “Delivering Happiness”, “The Everything Store” and “Shoe Dog”.


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